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Whatever your pest problems you can call on 247 Pestfree and relax. Throughout Berkshire, our team is on call any time, day or night to remove whatever is plaguing your home or business premises.

Highly trained pest controllers will be on hand quickly to deal with:

  • Insect infestations from bedbugs and fleas to cockroaches, wasps nests or ants, we remove them all
  • Rodent infestations rats and mice carry diseases and cause damage to property, we will efficiently remove them
  • Avian pests to prevent bird fouling, we will put measures in place to deter pigeons and other pests from congregating
  • Animal problems with moles, rabbits, foxes and deer, there is often damage to property, we can remove them by the most humane means possible and put deterrents in place to prevent their return
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